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9/17/15 Culture and Economics of the American Colonies
    1) Complete your test corrections to qualify for a the curve to your grade and a re-test if
    you wish.  Retests will be permitted before or after school for 1 week afterwards.  The test
     correction form can be found here . Please see me with questions. 
   2) Please read the following handout which may or may not be Mr. Lawler's actual
         college term paper. It's scanned in "upside down" but if you want to know what he
        may have thought  about the connection between Slavery & Sugar in the 1700's, read it, &
         ask him who "Jean" is.  You'll laugh when you find out!
      3) Read the following handout detailing the 13 colonies and complete the following chart . 
          Yes, it will require some work, but you MUST know this stuff, and you'll be able to find
          your way home with your new-found knowledge if you get lost along the East Coast.

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    Kentucky was the home of the fictional character Uncle Tom in the best-selling American novel of the 19th century, Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin . The book's protagonist, a loyal middle-aged slave, is sold by his owners to help pay their mounting debts. While Tom is being transported down the Mississippi on a riverboat, he befriends a young girl, Eva, who shares his deep Christian faith. Her father, Augustine St. Clare, purchases Tom and takes him to the family home in New Orleans. Mr. St. Clare dies, and Tom is sold at auction to a particularly sadistic plantation owner. After imposing a series of torments worthy of Job, the slave owner orders his overseers to beat Uncle Tom to death.

    Apush essay prompts world war ii

    apush essay prompts world war ii


    apush essay prompts world war iiapush essay prompts world war iiapush essay prompts world war iiapush essay prompts world war ii