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Here at Junkyard Barbie’s, is our one and only radio station. We submitted a work force rock block last April and we were pleasantly surprised to receive even more than we could have asked for. Not only did we get a rock block of the holy Aerosmith, but we got an amazing plug from our favorite radio personality, Pierre Robert. We were ecstatic, giddy, and over joyed to hear our business being talked about on a radio show that we listen to religiously. Not only that, but to hear our loyal customers call and text in saying such nice things and supporting us- we could not be any more grateful. We really wanted to show our appreciation to Pierre and, as you can see, a little idea turned into an even bigger dream!

A: When you sell your car, the return will vary considerably based on several different factors including year, make, model, mileage, mechanical condition and cosmetic condition. A low miles vehicle which runs and drives with minor problems will typical bring more than a high miles non running vehicles. Calling several on line car buyers will quickly give you an idea of what your car is worth. Car pricing guides such as Kelley Blue Book usually do not reflect what cars are actually selling for in the online market place. Online buyers are all wholesalers and will never pay as much as you could sell your car for privately. But cars with mechanical and cosmetic issues are virtually impossible to sell privately, so don't waste your time. Call us Now for a Quote.

Buy junk cars

buy junk cars


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