Coping tools

  • Stress and Drinking
    Studies indicate that many people drink as a means of coping with modern life and its accompanying economic stress, job stress and marital discord.
  • Stress And Diet: You Aren’t What You Eat
    Your diet may be impacting how stressed you feel.
  • How To Help A Stressed Or Depressed Loved One
    Understand how to better help.
  • Stress and Personality
    Individuals differ dramatically in their response to a problem or a stressor. Some people are born with a temperament that predisposes them to higher or lower levels of tolerance to stress. Additional Articles on Stress
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    • Stress-Proof Your Work Life

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    According to Sydney Youngerman-Cole, RN, BSN, RNC and Katy E. Magee, MA, "Many mental health problems begin when physical stress or emotional stress triggers chemical changes in your brain. The goal of treatment and prevention is to reduce stress and restore normal chemical processes in your brian." Coping skills are methods a person uses to deal with stressful situations. Obtaining and maintaining good coping skills does take practice. However utilizing these skills becomes easier over time. Most importantly, good coping skills make for good mental health wellness.

    Coping tools

    coping tools


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