Customizing thesis theme

I had trouble with this for a while, but realized, you have to get rid of the extension by right clicking on the file, clicking “get info”, opening the dropdown “Name & Extension”, then editing “” to “Workbook”.
(for some reason, the extension is not shown in just the finder window, so it is tempting to skip the deleting step until you realize it’s still secretly hidden in there). Also quitting excel completely every now and then between steps felt like a good safety move for me.

Great article! I’ve been trying to set up a blog, but due to lack of funds I began on the WordPress free platform. Is it practical to keep developing content for that free blog and then transport it to a paid platform or should I begin from scratch on a paying site? And also, how much content should I have before I launch my blog? I’ve wanted it to be so perfect I’ve barely brought myself to write, even though I have so many wonderful posts trapped in my head, but they have to get out of there, I need to start! Thanks in advance!

Customizing thesis theme

customizing thesis theme


customizing thesis themecustomizing thesis themecustomizing thesis themecustomizing thesis theme