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Dr. Stephenson is a board certified, registered art therapist (ATR-BC) and a licensed creative arts therapist (LCAT). She joined Lesley in 2013 as a core faculty member of the Expressive Therapies Division, in the Art Therapy Program.

Prior to joining Lesley, Dr. Stephenson was a 2010/2011 Fulbright Scholar to Estonia, where she taught at in the Department of Applied Creativity at Tallinn University and continues to teach periodically as a visiting guest lecturer. Dr. Stephenson teaches in New York University’s graduate art therapy program and has taught at School of Visual Arts in the graduate art therapy program. 

Committed to improving the lives of older adults through the arts, Dr. Stephenson’s clinical work and research has focused on a wide spectrum of older populations. She was the founder, clinical supervisor and program director of New York University’s Creative Aging Therapeutic Services - a community-based program that provided art therapy to well older adults and those with dementia. She also worked on the geriatric psychiatry unit at St. Luke’s hospital in New York City, and with programs for individuals with HIV/AIDS. She presents her work on the intersection of arts and aging and consults with emerging clinical art therapy programs nationally and internationally, and recently designed and implemented the first creative arts therapy program for older adults with dementia in Estonia. 

Dr. Stephenson serves on the National Advisory Council and Program Advisory Committee of Arts for the Aging in Rockville, MD, and the Advisory Council of the Art Therapy Project in New York City. She also serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Creativity and Human Development, located in Scotland. Dr. Stephenson is involved with the American Art Therapy Association, and recently served on the Educational Program Review Board and Accreditation Council of Art Therapy Education.  

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Dance your phd dissertation

dance your phd dissertation


dance your phd dissertationdance your phd dissertationdance your phd dissertationdance your phd dissertation