Electric essay general

Each year we identify 50 companies creating new opportunities by combining important technologies and business savvy. Some are large companies that seem to be growing ever larger, like Amazon  and Apple . Others, like IBM , or General Electric  are old-guard giants betting on technology renewal. And the list is full of ambitious startups like SpaceX , which is changing the economics of space travel with reusable rockets; Face ++ , a pioneer in face recognition technology; and additive-manufacturing firms Carbon  and Desktop Metal . For additional perspective on the list, which starts below, please see our essay, " It Pays to Be Smart ." 

The winner of the essay contest will receive a prize of €60,000. A prize of €25,000 will be awarded to the best essay written by an author under the age of 30. A further €15,000 will be awarded to runners-up at the discretion of the panel of judges , which is chaired by Pascal Lamy, a former European Trade Commissioner and ex-director general of the World Trade Organization.  Submissions are due by July 31 and the awards will be presented at a dinner ceremony in Brussels in October. The rules and conditions can be found below.

Electric essay general

electric essay general


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