Essay on geoengineering

Unlike donations, your personal fit with a given career path is very important. But we need to think about that in the right way. The standard career advice of “follow your passion” often doesn’t make much sense , especially if your passion doesn’t fit with any of the most important causes. But figuring out the area where you can do work that you’ll be able to excel at is very important. Passion is also much less important than you think — it turns out that other factors affect your job satisfaction significantly more.

Unimaginable global climate experiments have been going on in many forms for more years than most would believe. One can not even begin to touch the full depth of the rabbit hole without writing a series of books on the activities of the “collective insanity” that runs the world. How can small numbers of clinically insane psychopaths gain such control over the world’s populations? Because until now most could stay in denial, repeat the “official narrative” dictated to them by those in power, and stay in their comfort zone bubbles. The days of “head in the sand” denial are rapidly coming to an end as there is no longer any hiding from what is unfolding around us all. What we collectively do with the time we have will determine whether or not there is anything to salvage for life on planet earth.

In order to be successful, iron dust would have to be placed in an area the size of Asia and would cost between ten billion dollars and $110 billion a year (R. Monastersky, 1995). The process needs to be repeated over and over as the ocean soon returns to its natural condition. While iron naturally drains into the ocean, no studies have been done to show how adding tons of iron dust to the ocean will affect the delicate balance of marine life. As the plankton decays it could rob the water of oxygen and could kill the marine life in that location (R. Monastersky, 1995).

Essay on geoengineering

essay on geoengineering


essay on geoengineeringessay on geoengineeringessay on geoengineeringessay on geoengineering