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Much reference has been made in the literature (both lay and professional) of the structural kinship of synephrine with ephedrine , or with phenylephrine , often with the implication that the perceived similarities in structure should result in similarities in pharmacological properties. However, from a chemical perspective, synephrine is also related to a very large number of other drugs whose structures are based on the phenethylamine skeleton, and although some properties are common, others are not, making unqualified comparisons and generalizations inappropriate.

Banpo ( Bànpō ) is an archaeological site discovered in 1953 and located in the Yellow River Valley just east of Xi'an , China . It contains the remains of several well organized Neolithic settlements, like Jiangzhai , carbon dated to 6700–5600 years ago . [1] [2] [3] [4] The area of 5 to 6 hectares (12 to 15 acres) is surrounded by a ditch, probably a defensive moat, 5 to 6 meters (16 to 20 ft) wide. The houses were circular, built of mud and wood with overhanging thatched roofs. They sat on low foundations. There appear to be communal burial areas. [5]

Footnotes in research papers

footnotes in research papers


footnotes in research papersfootnotes in research papersfootnotes in research papersfootnotes in research papers