Merits demerits television essay

Let us illustrate the harmful effect of a direct tax, say income tax, on supply of work effort (., labour). In Fig. we have drawn the indifference curves of an individual between income and leisure. Suppose before taxation, the wage rate is depicted by the slope of the wage line NW 1 . The individual is in equilibrium at point A on indifference curve IC 2 where he is enjoying OL 1 leisure and working NL 1 hours. Suppose a proportional income tax at the rate of 50% is levied. As a result, after-tax wage rate is reduced and after-tax wage line shifts below to NW 2 . The individual moves to equilibrium point B on indifference curve IC 1 .

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Merits demerits television essay

merits demerits television essay


merits demerits television essaymerits demerits television essaymerits demerits television essaymerits demerits television essay