Pak china relationship essay

Park became the 18th president of South Korea on 25 February 2013. At midnight, she took over all presidential authorities including the prerogative of supreme command of South Korea's armed forces from her predecessor Lee Myung-bak. In her inauguration speech at the National Assembly building, Park spoke of her plan to open a new era of hope through "economic prosperity, people's happiness, and cultural enrichment". She particularly expressed her hope that North Korea would give up its nuclear arms and walk on the path of peace and mutual development, and declared that the foundation for a happy era of unification in which all Korean people will be able to enjoy prosperity and freedom and realize their dreams would be built through the Korean Peninsula Trust-building Process. In her inauguration speech, Park presented four guiding principles to realize her administrative vision: economic prosperity, people's happiness, cultural enrichment, and establishment of foundation for peaceful unification. [44] Park's inauguration ceremony was the largest one in South Korean history with 70,000 participants. Diplomatic representatives in Korea as well as high-level delegates specially sent from 24 countries around the world including Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, . National Security Advisor Thomas Donilon, Taiwanese Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng and former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda also participated in the event to congratulate Park. [45] [46]

India badly needs to counter projects such as the ones in Hambantota or Kyaukpyu but it doesn't have the economic bandwidth to match geopolitical needs. This is where Japan comes in. Shinzo Abe wants to restore Japan's influence in the Indo-Pacific region to achieve greater economic and strategic security, and his 'Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy' synergises well with Modi's Act East policy. There is a lot of space here for cooperation between the two nations. Options may range from joint development schemes to partnerships based on maritime security.

Pak china relationship essay

pak china relationship essay


pak china relationship essaypak china relationship essaypak china relationship essaypak china relationship essay