Peter's petrol pump coursework

Was he just a common-or-garden variety perv, or was there something more sinister in his interest? she wondered. In the end, she decided he was just a perv. Sometimes it seemed as if the world was full of them, that she could hardly walk down the street or go for a drink on her own without some sad pillock who thought he was God’s gift eyeing her up, like the kids hanging around the entrance, or coming over and laying a line of chat on her. Still, she told herself, what else could you expect at this time of the night in a motorway service station? A couple of other men came in and went to the counter for coffee-to-go, but they didn’t give her a second glance.

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I object to this proposal in the strongest possible terms:
1. Increased noise from traffic movements from their core trading hours likely to be greater than the existing garage.
2. Increased noise from traffic movements later than the opening hours of the current garage
3. Increased noise overnight caused by use of the ATM
4. Increased noise from use of the garage if ‘pump pay only’ facility exists to dispense fuel overnight (effectively 24 hours)
5. Increased safety risks from increased vehicle movements on Melton Road which is already suffering and will suffer still further from the Sharphill development
6. The increased traffic congestion presumably not factored in to the approval for Sharphill
7. The 20-25 jobs being created as claimed are unlikely to be incremental – if the butchers, the greengrocers and the fishmongers are forced to close, this will result in fewer jobs in this part of Melton Road
8. As eloquently said by others, Melton Road is almost unique in my experience to still offer a local Butcher, Florist, Bakers, Greengrocer, Fishmonger, Craft Beer shop, as well as a number of highly regarded local food outlets. They will all be faced with significant loss of revenue, and maybe even closure.
9. The number of car park spaces will be insufficient at popular times of the day, forcing vehicles on to surrounding roads and parking facilities, increasing pedestrian movements across Melton Road, and raising safety issues. The existing zebra crossing is frequently ignored in my experience by some drivers driving towards Edwalton. This should be considered to be converted to a traffic light controlled crossing
10. Planning approval seems not, curiously, to be governed by need. However, everything Sainsbury’s will sell is available locally, at least from 8am until 6pm, and the existing convenience store on Clumber Road until later.
11. If the Waitrose development goes ahead, it, plus Sainsbury’s plus the local shops, will make Melton Road a major access road for Sharphill, Edwalton and WB residents for their shopping needs. It simply is not designed for a radical increase in traffic movements and will represent significant health and safety and environmental negative impact.

Peter's petrol pump coursework

peter's petrol pump coursework


peter's petrol pump courseworkpeter's petrol pump courseworkpeter's petrol pump courseworkpeter's petrol pump coursework