Physical education topics essays

"National Health Education Standards offer a coherent vision of what it means to be health literate. These Standards describe the knowledge and skills essential to the development of health literacy. That "knowledge" includes the most important and enduring ideas, issues, and concepts related to achieving good health. Those "skills" include the ways of communicating, reasoning, and investigating which characterize a health-literate person. National Standards are not a federal mandate nor do they define a national curriculum. The Standards are intended to serve as a framework for organizing health knowledge and skills into curricula at the state and local levels."

Public school students in grades five, seven, and nine are required to take the PFT during the months of February, March, April, or May, whether or not they are enrolled in a physical education class or participate in a block schedule. These students include those enrolled in elementary, high, and unified school districts, county offices of education, and charter schools. School districts should also test all students in alternative programs, including, but not limited to, continuation schools, independent study, community day schools, county community schools, and non-public schools. Students who are physically unable to take the entire test battery are to be given as much of the test as conditions permit ( EC Section 60800; 5 CCR Section 1041). For more information on the PFT, visit the CDE physical fitness test Web page.

Physical education topics essays

physical education topics essays


physical education topics essaysphysical education topics essaysphysical education topics essaysphysical education topics essays