Pitbull banning essay

The owner is the one that should be punished, not the dog. Every dog will be aggressive if taught to be, it is not just one breed to be focused on. Will Canada's reputation change from the country of rights if we cancel out the rights of our animals"?? We will no longer be known as the land of freedom and rights if the law for banning of the bulls passes. The owner is the one that should be punished, not the dog. A dog will behave in accordance to how it is trained. Any dog can be conditioned to be aggressive. Instead of banning the breed, why don't we be more selective of assigning an appropriate owner to these dogs that is more responsible and caring with animals. We have the law of animal abuse, how about reinforcing it!!! How would you feel if somebody locked you in a dark narrow closet with no food and water for a week, and wouldn't let you out to go to the washroom"? I bet you wouldn't like it, but that is what these irresponsible owners are doing to these loving dogs!! This section contains 229 words
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Pitbull banning essay

pitbull banning essay


pitbull banning essaypitbull banning essaypitbull banning essaypitbull banning essay