Psychology research paper subjects

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The ‘peripheral’ route, this occurs when motivation and/or ability are relatively low and attitudes are determined by positive or negative cues. This is a way of influencing attitudes by varying the quality of the arguments in a persuasive message. The cues affect attitude change without effect the argument process. This can occur if the person is unmotivated for example if a person is talking to you about something serious you may not be listening to the overall argument they are describing but find yourself agreeing with them as they are attractive or have an attractive voice. The person is persuaded by subtle cues instead of the content.

There are always unique situations and interpersonal events that help to shape our personalities. If you are an only child, you don’t have to learn how to compromise as much as children who have several siblings. Chance meetings and actions may have a major impact on the rest of our lives and affect our personalities. For instance, being accepted for admission to a prestigious university or being in the right place at the right time to meet the person who will become your spouse or life partner can significantly alter the course of the rest of your life. Similarly, being drafted into the military during wartime, learning that you were adopted, or personally witnessing a tragic event, can change your personality. Home has a great bearing on the personality development of an individual. Parents behavior and attitude, their expectations from the child, their education and attention to the child, influences the child’s personality. Also school plays a major environmental role in personality. In school a child is in contact with peers and teachers whose personality can be influential.

Psychology research paper subjects

psychology research paper subjects


psychology research paper subjectspsychology research paper subjectspsychology research paper subjectspsychology research paper subjects