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I agree with the sentiment, however I think it’s silly to suggest that the situation of Iranians, students or not, is in any way similar to the situation of the Jews. Their situation is more like the situation of the Germans in 1930. Iran is a large fascist country, it murders gay people and persecutes political opposition. It’s a country that is using know-how its citizens obtain in Western colleges to build weapons and threaten it’s neighbors. Depending on your point of view, it might not be doing anything worse than the US, but US government has no obligation to help fascist countries like Iran to increase their military potential. Yes, many Iranian citizens contribute to the growth of knowledge, but, even more so did many Nazi Germans, not reason . Those who want to escape from Iran should be given a fair hearing, but Iranians who want to go back should study in other fascist places, places like Saudi Arabia

Ho spent the summer in Paris trying to lock in the agreement, but the French government was purposely evasive, as it was conspiring to undermine Vietnamese independence.  Ho was nevertheless well received in the French media.  A French reporter who met him noted his “engaging manner and extraordinary gift for making contact,” which “at once brought a warm and direct exchange of views and gave a startlingly fresh ring to commonplace words.” [25]   Ho returned to Vietnam in October and appealed to the Vietnamese people for patience.  The French, however, showed their hand on November 22, 1946.  Using a dispute over control of customs in Haiphong as a pretext, French warships bombarded the unprotected port city, killing at least 6,000 and wounding some 25,000.  On December 19, Ho issued a call for “nationwide resistance”:

Scott monk raw essay

scott monk raw essay


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