Stem cell research papers

Wehling said his treatment differed from PRP  because he heats the blood before it is spun to increase the concentration of anti-inflammatory proteins, rather than the platelets. The idea is not just to focus on mechanical problems in the joints or lower back but to treat inflammation as a cause of tissue damage as well as a symptom. So there are two things to note – the joint is not being treated – the inflammation is being suppressed. The blood is heated and that is why it cannot be practiced in the United States.”

So sorry to hear the terrible story about your son. The truth is that the numbers of success stories with stem cells to repair spinal cord damage in humans is still small, and mainly I think with relatively recent injuries. I have no doubt that we will see much further progress. It may be with older injuries one day doctors will make a fresh cut into the spinal cord, and then treat the wound and try to join the spinal cord again. As you know the big issue is preventing scar tissue from forming int he spinal cord. nerves along arms and legs regrow very well....

Stem cell research papers

stem cell research papers


stem cell research papersstem cell research papersstem cell research papersstem cell research papers