Taylor swift essay contest

There is no perfect solution. Ideologues have to understand that justice is hard, even under the best of circumstances. There’s simply no way to easily, cheaply, and justly adjudicate sexual-misconduct claims. And there’s certainly no way to painlessly try these cases. It took bravery for Swift to make her claims. But bravery can be contagious, especially when it’s this public. Once you abandon the dangerous quest for legal utopia, you can see the solutions staring you in the face — solutions that have been there all along. Follow Swift’s lead. There is a place for legal disputes: in a court of law.

Despite her love for writing about relationships in the lineage of stories that stretch across centuries—Romeo and Juliet, Prince Charming and his white horse—this her legacy skill as a songwriter, and so there was no better way for her to end her best record. “We walked down the block to my car, and I almost brought him up,” she sings. “But you start to talk about the movies that your family watches every single Christmas / And I want to talk about that / And for the first time, the past is past.” So corny! And yet…

Taylor swift essay contest

taylor swift essay contest


taylor swift essay contesttaylor swift essay contesttaylor swift essay contesttaylor swift essay contest