Teachers carrying guns in schools essay

If we hope to imply that teachers carrying guns in school would limit the violence that takes place in our classrooms, then we paradoxically create an even greater threat. There is no way to guarantee that a student could not get a hold of the weapon. Even if a teacher was licensed to carry and followed strict protocol for keeping the weapon in their possession, a student could still overpower the teacher and take the weapon from them. What protection would the gun be then? Besides, simply having a license to carry a gun does not mean that someone would have the ability to use it in an aggressive situation, especially if it is a child that is the aggressor.

The town involved is in the middle of the desert, near the border, and had a graduating class last year of four. It's nothing atypical.

But thank you for stereotyping Texans, who make up some of the most educated and successful Americans, for no reason. I am sure if you gave me five minutes I could find something stupid to say about wherever you are from. Please take the time to be classy and get off of your bigotry, all of you.

The vast majority of Texans think the bill is stupid, but it's the county's right to do that. It would not happen anywhere else in Texas. Ever.

As for someone who claimed that many teachers in the US are unqualified, Texas State Law requires that ALL teachers have state issued certification that requires a college degree and a certain amount of credit in the content area. And as of this morning, no teachers in that county have been packing heat.

No way, that's just wrong. It shows what kind of terrible world you Americans have to live in.

Teachers carrying guns in schools essay

teachers carrying guns in schools essay


teachers carrying guns in schools essayteachers carrying guns in schools essayteachers carrying guns in schools essayteachers carrying guns in schools essay