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Start of Full Profile >  Ann-Maree is an experienced consultant who has worked across a wide variety of settings – the Commonwealth and State public sectors, the private sector, education and health. She has spent the majority of her working life in the public sectors in program, policy and corporate areas focusing on communication, change management, human resource management, strategic planning, volunteering and mentoring. Ann-Maree is a published author in the fields of education and health and an invited conference presenter. One of her major strengths is her ability to lead a diverse team in achieving exceptional results in very tight timeframes and has been recognised for her efforts in doing so.

Sarah is a Medical Laboratory Technologist and holds a Master’s degree in Biological Sciences & Biotechnology from Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). Her past experiences include a 12-month internship at Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare in Saudi Arabia. She worked as a research assistant on cutting-edge technologies at FIT, focusing on hypertension and innate immunity prior to joining the Morphogenesis team in 2017. Her current position as Production Associate sees her focusing on the production of cancer therapeutic vaccines at Morphogenesis under regulatory-compliant manufacturing practices.

Departmental research strengths include artificial intelligence (machine learning, multiagent systems, planning and problem solving), bioinformatics, computational theory (computational learning theory, design and analysis of algorithms, computability theory), compiler optimization and compilation for parallel machines, natural-language processing, (discourse and dialogue, generation, information extraction, summarization), systems (parallel and distributed computing, grid and volunteer computing, algorithm and architecture design for massive parallelism), networks, (distributed computing, transport layer protocols, mobile and wireless networks, algorithm and architecture design for massive parallelism, networks management, security performance modeling, simulation), graphics and computer vision, rehabilitation engineering (augmentative communication, speech recognition and enhancement), software engineering (program analysis and testing), and symbolic mathematical computation (algebraic algorithms, parallelization), and robotics.

Thesis psm

thesis psm


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