Usc supplement essay 2013

“Educational counseling is more than opening a university calendar & checking requirements. It is the total assessment of the student academically, emotionally & intellectually. Options’ team assists the student in making choices based on their personal learning style, aptitude, & career choice. The student leaves feeling empowered & focused. The consultants have the skills & tools needed to assist any individual in an educational choice. But more than that they exude enthusiasm & passion for their work.”

He told me about his family. Unfortunately, his wife didn’t care to be affectionate with him anymore. It was not an unusual story, and I was happy to fill the void. He had children and grandchildren. We cuddled and caressed. He needed the affection. At the end, he told me that I was a wonderful companion and that he would love to meet again. Nobody had ever called me a wonderful companion. I put a lot of love into my visit with him, and I was touched by his compliment. Despite his age and looks, he was a great client. What I didn’t realize was that he would also be my last.

Usc supplement essay 2013

usc supplement essay 2013


usc supplement essay 2013usc supplement essay 2013