Vandalism essay

After my first visit during the May 2010 full moon, I knew I needed to get in another night of shooting at the Hoola before it decayed any further, so I made a quick solo run in June. I hit the road at 1PM. 420 miles later I arrived just as the sun set at 8:30. I immediately got to work, shooting until 2:30AM. Then I “slept” in the backseat in the parking lot for an hour, only to wake wearing a halo of mosquitoes. Back on the road again at 3:30, I pulled into my driveway at 11AM. The moonset/sunrise at 5AM, between Kramer Junction and Mojave, was spectacular. Just epic. Actually, the whole trip was epic, it felt much longer than just 22 hours.

Users sometimes edit pages as an experiment. Such edits, while prohibited, are treated differently from vandalism. These users should be warned using the uw-test series of user warning templates , or by a talk page message including, if appropriate, a welcome and referral to the Wikipedia sandbox , where they can continue to make test edits without being unintentionally disruptive. Registered users can also create their own sandboxes as a user subpage . If a user has made a test edit and then reverted it, consider placing the message {{ uw-selfrevert }}, on their talk page. Editing tests are only considered vandalism when a user continues to make test edits despite receiving numerous warnings.

Vandalism essay

vandalism essay


vandalism essayvandalism essayvandalism essayvandalism essay