Writing chapter five dissertation

I think that BIlly Pilgrim's journeys through time could instead be a social commentary on Post-Traumatic Stress disorder. Billy isn't skipping through time, instead he's an old man sitting at his home, his daughter is taking care of him, and when he closes his eyes he suffers his wartime flashbacks and delusions about traveling through space in which he lives in a dream with elements from his life, like how Montana Wildhack was the Porn Star from the book store that Billy visited to see the Kilgore Trout novels. It also explains why the boo

I broke all the rules when I started a book with the description of an idyllic natural scene of a forest at night. As part of the description, there is a small, furry creature (called a Moon Rat) navigating the dry leaves at the forest floor and a predatory bird sweeps down to catch it. At the last second, the critter jumps out of the way and into a dark cavity as the bird’s claws snap on dry leaves and twigs. This is when I introduce my main character and his lover, who have been laying together next to a nearby pond and the noise alerts them to the fact that it is now late and the guard would be doing their rounds (they are violating curfew). So, the couple gets dressed and the POV character is putting on his boot, the Moon Rat (the same one who avoided the bird earlier) is inside and it bites his foot. He throws his boot, which makes noise that alerts the guards and a story-beginning chase ensues.

Writing chapter five dissertation

writing chapter five dissertation


writing chapter five dissertationwriting chapter five dissertationwriting chapter five dissertationwriting chapter five dissertation